Wednesday, March 29, 2017

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Professional Dog Trainer Launches Quiet Dog Daycare Workshops - A National Training Program That Helps Dogs

Laurie Wagner, certified dog trainer and member of International Association of Canine Professionals, teaches canine professionals techniques that calm dogs and quiet daycares (PRWeb March 15, 2017) Read the full story at  go to comments

Marylhurst University Now Offers Hospitality Management Degree Guided by Industry Experts

To meet the growing demand in the workforce, Marylhurst University now offers a B.A.S. or B.S. in Hospitality Management . Coursework prepares graduates in the areas of asset management, human resource development, food and beverage operations, service delivery programing and training, sales development and distribu...  go to comments

Language Industry Hires at AAC, Summa Linguae, LanguageWire, AdHoc, Stealth, ExperTrans

AAC Global hires a Sales and Marketing expert, Summa Linguae appoints a Sales Manager and a Vendor Manager, LanguageWire hires a Marketing Manager, AdHoc Translations names a Marketing and Communication Manager, Stealth Translations hires a Business Development Manager, and ExperTrans Global appoints a Production...  go to comments

Announcing…Opening Day of the 2017 iaedp Symposium

The International Association of Eating Disorders Professionals, provider of educational programs and training standards for eating disorder specialists and other medical professionals caring for those suffering from the full spectrum of disordered eating, is proud to announce the opening of its 31st ann...  go to comments

HealthForumOnline and PENN Program for Mindfulness Collaborate on Spring 2017 Mindfulness Courses for the Public and Healthcare Professionals

HealthForumOnline (HFO) has teamed up with PENN Program for Mindfulness (PPM) again to co-sponsor two Spring 2017 mindfulness-based trainings. Both 8-week long live trainings, Mindfulness-based Stress Management (MBSR) and Healing the Heart and Mind: Mindfulness for Healthcare Professionals (HHM), provid...  go to comments

Social Entrepreneur Larry Tey Por Yee to be In-Charge of Teacher Trainings Program in Rural Myanmar

Gomif Partners demonstrated to the tech savvy startups in Myanmar Cyber Workshop 2017 the ease to contribute to society by using the Internet. (PRWeb March 29, 2017) Read the full story at  go to comments

GLOBO Expands Into Texas and Mexico by Acquiring CTI

Fast-growing GLOBO acquires boutique language service provider Certified Translators & Interpreters (CTI). CEO says company generated revenues of USD 10m in 2016 and plans to begin licensing its customer front-end platform to LSPs later in 2017. The post GLOBO Expands Into Texas and Mexico by Acquiring CTI appeared first on Slator .  go to comments

Oregon Youth Visit the Olympic Training Center for an Unforgettable Spring Break

The Foundation for Global Sports Development’s Playmakers Program provides underserved youth with a chance to experience Olympic and Paralympic values. (PRWeb March 21, 2017) Read the full story at  go to comments

CPI Group International, Inc. Assists the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Adopt Efficiency and Effectiveness Practices

CPI Group International has developed and is implementing a Lean Process Re-Engineering training program for leading members of the Saudi Royal Government. The purpose of the program is to assist the Saudi Kingdom as it begins to adopt efficiency improvement practices that have been effective around the world. (PRWeb March 20, 2017) Read the full story at  go to comments
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